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WsYOU/Bluff City Properties vs. On-Campus Dorms


Students and their parents are often surprised to learn that living in an on-campus dorm is much more expensive than living in any off-campus housing.


The cost of renting a spacious, modern and well appointed one-bedroom apartment with separate kitchen, living room and bathroom, close to WSU, for one student is less expensive than sharing a small on-campus dorm room with another student. A small private on-campus dorm room with no kitchen facilities, shared bathroom and common areas is approximately 30% more on average than living in a much larger off-campus apartment.

Because of the way college tuition, housing, and other costs are bundled together, many students and parents don’t realize that on a monthly basis, they could be paying just under $900 per month for an on-campus dorm room. A large private room in a modern, secure, comfortable and spacious house or apartment with shared living room, at least one bathroom, laundry facilities, free off-street parking, and many other amenities, depending on your choices, costs approximately half as much as living in an on-campus dorm.

In addition, there is no requirement to purchase a meal plan when living off-campus. Many students find that they can save money while enjoying their own food preferences by purchasing, storing and preparing their own food at home. You still have the opportunity to purchase a meal plan however, when you live off-campus should you choose to.
Comfort and Convenience

In most of our houses and apartments, you control your own heating and/or cooling. There is also no requirement to vacate your place during school breaks and holidays. Parking is just steps away instead of across campus.
Peace and Quiet

When living off-campus you can either choose to live alone, or you can choose your roommates. This allows you to select the living environment that’s best for you. On-campus dorms can be noisy at times — even in your own room! When you live off-campus you can choose to socialize, study, and sleep on your schedule.


Your off-campus housing is your home and we respect your privacy. Unlike on-campus dorms, there are no room checks, routine check-ins or refrigerator checks. And unlike other local off-campus housing providers, we do not do routine checkups or inspections. We believe that your home is your home.

We will respond to any repair or other service requests promptly and efficiently. We will also provide notice in advance whenever we need to enter your unit for routine maintenance or for showings. Whenever requested maintenance is performed in your home, we will leave a door hanger indicating the time we arrived, when we left and what services were requested and provided. You can also follow the progress of any service requests online via your Online Resident Portal.

* Cost Comparisons: Pricing examples listed above are representative comparisons between on-campus and off-campus options for Winona State University students.The monthly housing cost comparisons are based on approximately 8 months of on-campus access and do not include the additional costs of on-campus meal plans or campus parking passes. Off-campus housing costs average 30-50% less during occupancy than the cost of on-campus dorms. Students living in off-campus housing enjoy 12-month access to their apartment or house. There is no requirement to vacate off-campus housing during breaks or between semesters, as is the case in on-campus housing.

If you are ready to start your search for off-campus housing, visit our Rental Search page today.