Student Apartments in Winona, MN

Are you attending Winona State University? Then you need affordable housing. WsYOU has many student houses for rent as well as student apartment rentals in Winona, MN. We’re right across the street from campus so you can walk to and from school without having to worry about parking on campus. Our units are also an affordable option for recent graduates who are just starting their careers.

We have many student apartments available in the area. Each is privately furnished with modern amenities. WsYOU is flexible with our leasing options so that you never feel stuck in a contract. Our apartments and houses bring you more space than on-campus housing and have lower rent. Look through our apartment listing for the addresses and availability of each of our units.

Find the Right Housing

Before leasing a property, you should take a look at it to ensure that it meets your needs. That’s why we have showings available every Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm. If those times don’t work, let us know. We also provide weekend tours by special request. On the tour, you’ll see that our apartments have secure entrances and the common areas all feature security systems to keep you safe.

When you’re looking for student rental houses in Winona, MN, first consider WsYOU. Our state-of-the-art rentals have Wi-Fi, on-site laundry services, and parking. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more affordable option so close to campus. Schedule a tour today by either calling us at 507-454-4444, texting us at 507-274-7143, or email us at