Student Apartments in Winona, MN

WsYOU has the largest selection of student apartments available in the Winona area, with options for all sizes and budgets. Our apartments and houses give you more space than on-campus housing for significantly less cost. Check out our apartment search page for full availability.

Find the Right Housing

Before leasing a property, it’s important to know that it will meet your needs. We have showings/tours available Monday-Friday, 10am to 6pm. We also provide weekend tours by special request. During your personal tour, you’ll see that our apartments set the standard for quality.

When you’re looking for student rental houses in Winona, MN, check out WsYOU first. Our rentals are affordable and close to campus. Schedule a showing/tour today by calling 507-454-4444, texting 507-274-7143, or emailing