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Student Apartments in Winona, MN

Quality Student Housing & Academic Success

The importance of your student’s housing choices, in terms of both social and academic success while at Winona State University cannot be overestimated. Studies have shown that the quality of housing is correlated with academic success.

In order to be successful in college, students need a college “home” where they feel safe, secure, and comfortable. He or she needs a place with enough room to stretch out (without hitting both walls). Peace and quiet must at least be an option, as it is absolutely vital for sleep and study!

Are you looking for student apartment rentals in Winona, MN? WsYOU offers a range of student apartments in the area and will help you find the ideal fit for you based on budget, location, and layout.

When you choose to work with us to find your apartment rather than going with on-campus housing, you not only have more flexibility with choosing your apartment, but you also have the opportunity to choose a room with more space and at a significantly lower rental price. Explore your off-campus student housing options today by getting in touch with WsYOU.

The Most Units in the Market

Because WsYou offers the largest selection of student apartment rentals in the Winona, MN, market, we have something for everyone and every budget. Our office is right across the street from campus, so you can conveniently stop by to talk to our full-time staff after class or else call our 24-hr answering services, and we’ll get you the answers and help you’re looking for.

Additionally, after you’ve leased with us, our website offers flexibility and convenience. All the services you need are just a click away, from leasing your apartment to requesting maintenance work to paying rent. With WsYOU, you not only get convenience and efficiency but also high-quality service.

At WsYOU, our goal is to provide students and young working professionals like you with convenience and comfort. Talk to us today about our unit rentals, locations, and amenities and we’ll help you get started on your next Winona, MN, lease.

The Next Steps

If you’re looking for student apartments in Winona, MN, get in touch WsYOU today. Browse our available listings and then call us at 507-454-4444 or text us at 507-274-7143 to schedule a showing for an apartment you like. You can also reach us via email at office@wsyou.com.