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Showings & Tours

No application required prior to scheduled showings for current students and recent Alums.


Quality Student Housing & Academic Success

The importance of your student’s housing choices, in terms of both social and academic success while at Winona State University cannot be overestimated. Studies have shown that the quality of housing is correlated with academic success.

In order to be successful in college, students need a college “home” where they feel safe, secure, and comfortable. He or she needs a place with enough room to stretch out (without hitting both walls). Peace and quiet must at least be an option, as it is absolutely vital for sleep and study!

Start Your Search Early

To get the place you really want, start your Rental Search on our site as early in the previous year semester as possible. 80% of our places are rented during the previous fall semester.

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First, go to the Rental Search page to learn about your housing options. Narrow down your options and decide on a few places to tour. Feel free to stop by the office any time where our friendly staff is happy to answer your questions. Our office is open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. Or simply call (507)454-4444.

Living with Roommates?

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In Winona, you have the option of living with up to 4 roommates in a house or apartment (up to 8 in Fountain City, WI). Often groups of 8 or 10 friends decide to select a duplex where the group rents two apartments in the same building.
Having roommates allows you to share the ups and downs of student life with friends of your own choosing. Roommates often study and socialize together in the community. 

Living Alone
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WsYou/Bluff City Properties Communities include “Shorty’s Greenhouse,” “Isabelle’s Lodge” and other communities of single units where you have the opportunity to be fully a part of WSU Campus Life while having exclusive access to your own private, “quiet” space with full bathroom, sleeping area, and kitchenette just steps from campus. Some students prefer the option of complete privacy for study, relaxation, and sleep.

Fountain City Community Living:

This is a very special option for the student who wants the very best for less. Live in a “vacation-style” rental in the heart of the quiet, picturesque beauty of the Mississippi Valley, less than 10 minutes from downtown Winona, MN and the main campus of Winona State University. 
Set up a “Showing” (Schedule a tour of your places of interest)

Set up a showing so you can take a look at the properties you have selected from our website. Please plan to have all prospective renters available for the showings. You can plan for about 30 minutes for a showing and we typically have a maximum of 3 places per showing.

Day of Showing:
 Day of Showing 2016We’ll meet you at our office for showings at 555 Huff Street, (across Huff St from Sheehan Hall and Kirkland Hall). After we meet at the office, we will go to the property for a tour. We are happy to give you a ride to the apartment showing if you don’t have a car, or if it would be more convenient for you.

After the Showing:
Back at the office, it takes just a few minutes to run through the lease information and the other forms you will need. We will answer any questions you have about the paperwork, deposits, etc. Often, parents have questions as well. We are happy to talk with parents and to answer their questions directly, at your request. The lease is available for viewing online at this link: See the Lease.

How to Reserve Your Place for Next Year with a “48hr Hold”

After you have found the perfect place, you may want to reserve and hold the apartment so that it cannot be rented by anyone else (they can rent very quickly at times). You can do this either by signing the lease (at least half of the number of renters for the number of bedrooms must sign and pay the deposit) or, we also offer a “48 hour hold.” 

To hold your place for 48 hours, you only pay $200 total, (no matter how many renters are in your group) to hold your place for 48 hours. This gives you time to arrange your finances to pay the deposits if needed. You’ll want to be confident in your decision before signing a “hold.”

The $200 goes toward your deposit (it is not an additional charge), but is not refundable if you change your mind. 

Don’t Have All the Money For Deposits Right Now?

No problem. As long as half of the amount due is paid within 48 hours, the balance can be paid within 30 days.

After You Have Signed:

Take a deep breath, relax and celebrate. Imagine how great it will feel to live in your new place next year!

Did You Know? All of our properties are 20-40% less expensive than university dorms.

Make Your Choice on Quality, Price, and Service

Remember, it’s unwise to decide on price alone. Ask about the location of any landlord’s office and how many employed staff they have available to respond to maintenance and repair issues. You want to know that there is a staffed office during regular business hours near the campus, and that there is a reliable 24-hour maintenance staff. Remember, 80% of off-campus housing rentals are leased during the previous year’s fall semester.

WSYou.com/Bluff City Properties was voted Winona’s best off-campus housing provider by renters signing our leases!

LIVE where you like….LOVE where you live!