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All-New WsYOU Furniture Rental & Sales

Winona’s newest and best furniture/appliance/electronics rental and sales outlet!

Located across Huff Street from WSU at 521 Huff Street (Between Warpzone Video Games and the Quad 2.0)

Welcome to Winona’s first furniture store specializing in the needs and preferences of college students living on campus or off campus. Update your apartment or convert your bedroom into a bedroom/living room/study with modern lofts, Murphy beds, cozy davenport/beds and many other creative designs to make your place more comfortable and convenient. We can help you design convertible racks and bars to triple the amount of clothes and storage you have in your closet now.

We have the furnishings, electronics and appliances you want at prices you can afford. We also have inexpensive yet unique prints/wall coverings, and other items that will express your personality and preferences. We are also the only furniture store within miles of WSU.

Furniture Collage

Great deals and low-cost rental plans to fit every budget.

Although the store is not yet open to walk-in customers, we do have some items available by appointment requests.

Email office@wsyou.com Subject: Furniture, call 507-454-4444 or stop by 555 Huff 8a-5p, M-F for more information.

While you’re there (if you haven’t done so yet ), you can also set up a showing to find your perfect place to furnish for next year.

Look For Our Grand Opening Soon!

Check back for our new catalog posted on this site soon!

Visit our rental search page and find your new home today!