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About WsYOU Student Housing

Quality Student Housing & Academic Success

The importance of your student’s housing choices, in terms of both social and academic success while at Winona State University cannot be overestimated. Studies have shown that the quality of housing is correlated with academic success.

In order to be successful in college, students need a college “home” where they feel safe, secure, and comfortable. He or she needs a place with enough room to stretch out (without hitting both walls). Peace and quiet must at least be an option, as it is absolutely vital for sleep and study!

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We strive to be the area’s leader in quality student rental houses and apartments. Through our products, services, innovation, and growth, we continually strive to raise the standards for housing quality and resident satisfaction. We are committed to supporting the quality of student life through the sponsorship of campus athletic programs, scholarships and paid internships.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the premier student rental housing in the Winona area. Through quality, professionalism, kindness, and consistency, we constantly strive to offer our renters the highest level of comfort, security, privacy, and world-class service. By offering every size and type of private room, house and apartment, we continue to maintain and expand our renters’ housing options. Our well-trained, full-time office and maintenance staff are committed to helping students and their parents find and secure a rental home that fits with each student’s individual needs, preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

Our Office (Next to WSU. Open All Day, Everyday) about-us-pageFront Office

Our office is unique in two important ways for students. Located at 555 Huff St, we have the only off-campus student housing office next to Winona State University.

In addition, our office is the only student housing office open full-time, Monday through Friday from 8AM to 5PM. Our maintenance team is on-call 24/7 in case of emergencies. Regardless of your level of experience in renting off-campus housing, our friendly and experienced staff is here to help you every step of the way. Feel free to e-mail, call, text, or just drop by our office anytime. No appointment needed.

Meet Us

Kevin Brady- Ph.D., WSU Alum, Founder

Dr. Kevin Brady, founder and former president of WsYOU Student Housing, acquired his first residence from one of his graduate school professors at Winona State University in 1986. Responding to requests for additional off-campus student housing from former WSU president Stark, he opened half of his home to college students. While starting and building a local clinical psychology practice, he continued to acquire, renovate, build and manage a growing number of rental properties in the WSU campus area.

By the mid-1990s, under Kevin’s supervision, day-to-day management services were provided by trained office managers and maintenance supervisors.

From the beginning, our philosophy has been to focus on capital improvements, proactive maintenance and excellent customer service.”

For more information about our founder, see below. 

Scott Buswell – Director, Maintenance & Support Services

Scott B Web Pic 2016

Born and raised in Winona, Scott resides in a home he recently renovated near WSU. His diverse background in maintenance, customer service, and sales serve him well in his current position. With previous experience in management, marketing, and design as well as many of the trades, Scott is a “renaissance man” of many talents. He also takes pride in helping prospects through every step of the leasing process. Scott B is a “people person,” here to help our residents wherever he is needed.

“The showing and leasing process can be intimidating, especially for students living off-campus for the first time. It is my goal to make sure each student finds a great place that meets his or her unique needs and preferences. I’ll make time to help you understand the lease and all other important details. WsYOU Student Housing is a great company. Quality and service are our highest priorities.”

Cody Anderson – Office Manager 

Cody is a proud alumnus of Winona State University, graduating in 2017 as a double major with a BA in Mass Communication: Broadcasting & Theatre Arts. He manages the office and can help you with any questions from the searching and leasing process to helping with moving in and getting your account set up, maintenance requests, and much more. In addition to that, he also helps with showings/tours and creates our digital/print media. His many years of customer service & satisfaction will make any phone call or trip to our office helpful and informative.

“I know firsthand the difficulty of finding a quality place to stay in college while staying within your budget. I’m here to assist you in finding an affordable apartment that you’ll love and provide the service you need from the time you sign the lease to the time you move out. All of us at WsYOU Student Housing are committed to helping you turn our apartment into your home.”

Our Founder (cont’d.) 

Academic Degrees Earned at Winona State University

WSU: Bachelor of Science Degree, Sociology/Social Work, 1981.
Master of Science Degree, Counseling, 1983.

Dr. Brady also holds an undergraduate degree in Nursing (RN) and has worked in the Nursing field in the late 1970s and early 1980’s for the Mayo Clinic system, Psychiatry units, in Rochester, Minnesota. He has also worked as a Registered Nurse and Medical Social Worker in Winona.

Dr. Brady has taught through the WSU Regional Campus Program and served as a Visiting Adjunct Professor in the Psychology Department of The University Of Wisconsin, Eau Claire. In addition, Dr. Brady has researched, designed and presented numerous continuing education programs, seminars and workshops for human service professionals throughout the United States. He has served as an on-site supervisor for WSU internships and field experience programs in both his clinical practice and rental property business.

 “We feel an obligation to our student renters beyond providing great places to live.”

Local Contributions:

Dr. Brady was co-founder and Clinical Director of the Winona Counseling Clinic. In 1985 The Winona Counseling Clinic was the first privately funded state-licensed mental health center in southeastern Minnesota. He also founded and directed Brady Clinic in Winona from 1992–2002.

Active in professional development, he has previously served at the state level as board member and officer for Minnesota Licensed Psychologists. Kevin Brady has served as a board member and board chair of the following local organizations and committees: The Winona County Developmental Achievement Center, Winona County Senior Citizens Advocacy Program and the Winona County Human Services Advisory Committee. Dr. Brady is also former Co-chair of the Winona Housing Association. He has been appointed to numerous local City of Winona advisory groups, including appointment to the Housing and Economic Development Subcommittees tasked with making recommendations for updating the Winona Comprehensive Plan, 2007.

Helping Students


WsYOU Student Housing contributes financially for annual scholarships presented to learners at Winona State University. These scholarships are awarded through the Winona State University Foundation.


We offer paid internships to WSU students that offer real-world training, and experience, with a financial stipend. Our internships, whether required as part of an academic major or not, can look great on a resume for future employment. Time commitments can be variable, from 15-35 hours per week.

Internships can be either “required” or “non-required,” as well as “for credit,” or “non-credit.”

WsYOU Student Housing’s supervisor will coordinate with your WSU professor or academic advisor in cases where internships are taken for academic credit. Graduating with real-world experience is usually more important than grades in securing that first post-graduation employment position.

Athletics Sponsorship

WsYOU Student Housing, is an official sponsor of Winona State University Warrior Athletics. Through the Corporate Partnership Program, we assist WSU by making annual financial contributions for the purpose of maintaining academic and athletic excellence.

The Corporate Partnership Campaign, initiated to bring area businesses and WSU Athletics together in a joint venture, is used to generate much needed revenue for WSU to maintain its level of excellence.

Winona State Athletics is constantly identifying new opportunities to market and add value to businesses and organizations who share common missions, values and strategic goals to those of WSU.

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